When the opportunity shows itself, I try to improve my PHP programming as well. It all started with the former webmaster of our department graduating and me being the sole IT aware guy around. I took the role of webmaster and IT support in our department and revamped the webpages to more contemporary design. Since then I create webpages for received grant projects or conferences if the need arises.

Homepage of Department of Animal Physiology and Immunology

Homepage of KIMU project
Cooperation between Masaryk University and Karolinska Institutet in the field of biomedicine

Wnt Meeting 2010 conference webpage with registration and abstract processing

Microphages and Microglia 2013 conference webpage with registration and abstract processing

portfolio webpage for architect Daniel Kriz

A simple script for evaluating phosphorylation status of protein from mass spectrometry data files

New version of orbitrap data analysis, which also quantifies and normalizes phosphorylation status for individual residue clusters.