This subchapter encompasses all of the work that did not fit into other categories, which mostly deal with laboratory. When I have spare time, or when someone important to me celebrates birthday or other holiday, I like to create something with my own hands.

I learned how to crochet and embroider when I was small and it had proven invaluable on several occasions. I try every type of craft I can lay my hands on including sewing, paper crafting, leatherworking or metal work (lack of equipment and place to work are really a hindrance here). Sadly, many of things I did and have given to someone are out of reach, so below is only a partial compendium of items I created.


Embroidered Nightwish banner for concert. Christmas present for my sister.

Collection of embroidered ornamental bookmarks. Christmas presents for my co-workers.

Collection of embroidered bookmarks with nerdy thematic. Christmas presents for my co-workers.

Embroidered picture with Order of the Stick thematic. Present for my friends.

Dyed and embroidered hippie bag, present for girlfriend.

Embroidered Chinese dragon, present for a girlfriend.


Kind of filleted sweater I made for a girlfriend, actually the first attempt to crochet something bigger.

Crocheted bikini for a girlfriend, it’s a pity I have never seen it action :)

Crocheted dress for my girlfriend. This one a have seen in action and came out quite well. So far the biggest project I attempted.

Cthulhu amigurumi for my girlfriend’s namesday.

Presents for Boss

There is a nice tradition in our lab, that during Christmas, in case the deadlines are not that severe, we make a custom present for our boss. We try to make them funny and incorporate references to funny things happening in the lab. So far, I have been in charge of three projects and all of them turned out very well. Unfortunately most of the stuff is in Czech.

Rise of the Evil Western Blot A simple adventure game, where you navigate a boss of laboratory, who has to meet a strict deadline for experiment, but none of his students are available. Therefore he is forced to remember his old experimenting days. In Czech only.

Calendar with laboratory thematic with comics on the front page to add some suspension.

Simple “Start-Finish” type boardgame, It involves throwing the dice and taking cards that may contain laboratory accidents or successes, which can hinder or boost your progress (I translated some cards for the preview, rest is in Czech). If you want template for this one, I can send it on request. Requires Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.