Even though my talent for drawing by hand isn’t that great, computer can compensate a little for the missing skill, especially for the illustrations in the field of biology, where they mainly consist of schematic representations and defined shapes.


I have created these illustrations for the diploma thesis of a friend. It mainly concerned centrosomal biology, cell cycle and cellular signaling. I was asked to theme it in pink color since it was a girl’s thesis. Illustration package also contains powerpoint slide design for thesis defense apart from various centrosomal and cell signaling details.


Microphage and Microglia 2013 conference

Apart from webpage with registration mechanics I have been tasked to create promotional flyers, welcome posters and nametags.

Curriculum Vitae

Time has come to look for another job and I have siezed this opportunity to put into action some things I learned about design :)

Fancy CV, first I made and then realized it's too colorful for serious application.

More formal version.

So far the last attempt and probably the one I am going to stick with.